Lara M Davis

Hi, I'm Lara
I love to build websites!

A little about me

Hi, I'm Lara from beautiful Revelstoke, Canada. During the day I'm a mother and a wife but at night I'm a creator. My favorite things to create are anything knitted which has led me to my love of coding. I know what your thinking 'knitting really, how does that relate to coding?' Knitting is all about starting with a coded pattern and then translating that into something beautiful.

Coding to me is the same as knitting, you start with this raw idea and code it up to make a beautiful masterpiece. I would love to show you more of what I can do.


My Skills

Photoshop icon


Taking another designer's PSD and coding it up to be pixel perfect on the web is the fun part besides creating my own web pages.

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I love to write well-structured HTML 5 that is easy to read for me and for others.

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My CSS is short and sweet. I work hard to follow all best practices.

Projects I'm working on

Jubilee Austin

Jubilee Austin Site

I started my coding journey learning with Skillcrush which has been amazing. After only few short weeks I was able to code this website using HTML and CSS.


Practice Sites

Whenever I get a few minutes I like to work on strengthening my coding skills by working on a locally hosted website. By doing this I can make mistakes and learn how to problem solve my code.

My First Homepage

My First Homepage

One of the most challenging and rewarding learning experiences has been learning the design process. This is one of my first portfolio website mockups using Photoshop and Illustrator.